Latest Release: Life & Love

From the very first hint of attraction to the laughter and overshadowing affection in the first few months. Moving through the stages of infatuation and learning that there is more to love than attraction, it opens up for the good and bad. Personalities clash like the sound of broken snow globes or thunder in the sky. The strong survive to grow into a love that is truly unconditional and captures all of the past mistakes or pain of the heart to cause growth. The sacrifice of oneself for the love of another while being true to yourself, captures the essence of life. The ugliness of lust rears its head and makes one question the very existence of love because it came in the form of lust pre-packaged for delivery to the heart. Cupid shoots his arrows leaving us to consider whether love is real of not while we maintain some sense of self. Does the journey of searching for love ever end?

Life & Love captures the emotion of love and propels one through the journey of life from a poets eyes to learning that self love is the true start in learning to love everyone else.

So stay tuned for promotions.

Peace & Love

Lady T.