My Poetry

Share His Love

Christ died for me!
But He also died for you,
A crown of thorns placed upon his chest,
Nails in his feet,
He broke bread,
His mother wept,
Like many mothers weep,
When their young have been slain,
When their husbands cheat,
When life gets them down,
Or when they fall at His feet,
At the throne of grace,
Can you see His face,
Can you hear His voice,
Small, still, peace,
I never known anything like this before,
This love so pure,
Knowing that I can talk to Him about anything and be free,
Free from persecution and judgment,
Blank stares and execution,
That my words may bring should someone else know my darkest fears,
Sometimes anger when I’ve slipped away from Him far too long,
He died for me,
But He died for you too!
So we could be free,
We can talk to Him,
We don’t have to pick up a phone and call,
Tweet to Him, Facebook Him,
We can’t take a selfie with Him,
He is omnipresent,
But we can feel His presence,
If we want to,
Nobody forces you to,
Speaking of forcing people to do things,
Everyone is tolerant until it comes to Christianity,
Why is that,
I just don’t understand,
Although it’s in the bible,
I still pray for God to heal our land,
Backwards is the new forwards,
Wrong is the new right,
So many have forgotten to share the love of Jesus Christ,
But I love Jesus,
So I’ll share this with you,
I love you and He does too,
God’s greatest act of love was giving us His son,
So we could have a relationship with Him,
God’s love is beautiful,
It’s painted in the beauty of life,
Christ died for me,
But He also died for you,
Let’s not forget to share His love in all that we do…..

Taneisha 4.12.16

Until next time, God Bless.

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