Day 2

Day two was smoother. My husband and I decided to switch children. The youngest did a lot better with him and slept most of the day. The oldest did okay with me, however I learned a couple of things on our first day together. 1. The Sun hurts her. It doesn’t have to shine in her face and she will throw a plum tantrum and yes I had the shades up in my car. I even asked her if she wanted her shades. No, she’s not allergic to the Sun. That’s just her way of picking a fight. 2. She refuses to potty if she doesn’t want to. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have to. She just doesn’t like being told to go use the pot. She would rather go when she feels like it or request a pull up when she no longer desires to wear underwear. 3. She’s an extremely picky eater. She will ask for something but that doesn’t mean she wants it. She just wants you to pass it to her or stop by some place and get it. More on that for day three.

Our day two journey led us to Lexington, Nebraska.


We have never been there before. It stopped snowing once we made it through to Nebraska for the most part but y’all, there was nothing there. Yes the agriculture was beautiful and the people were friendly. Can you imagine driving for hundreds of miles in one day to see stores hours apart? (Even if it wasn’t, it certainly felt like it.)

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Lexington. We also saw a gas station called in the You Are Nowhere and that was exactly how we felt as we drove off and headed for Wyoming. 

Peace & Love-Lady T



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