Day 3 Wyoming

Day 3 of our journey began with snow on the ground as we left No Where, Nebraska. (Lexington, Nebraska) The breakfast at the Holiday Inn was amazing. My favorite was the omelets with a side of OJ on my phone. No, literally. My oldest spilled a cup of juice on my phone and with his quick thinking, my husband dried the phone before any damage could be done only for her to do it a second time when I moved my phone from her reach.

Getting on the highway was quite interesting since the roads were pretty icy. It was scary too but once we made it to the highway, it was like the pavement had been magically cleared. The Sun didn’t rise until after seven as it shone through the rearview mirror and it was beautiful. The scary part of that day was getting through the Mountains. We drove for hours with nothing in sight. We discovered so much land and how much of if is really unused in the states. As soon as we hit Wyoming we were relieved, it was beautiful and there were cities, not so many miles apart. Although we did manage to loose each other going through a gorge I guess. It was pretty muddy out that day and no matter how much we cleaned our windows, they managed to get dirty again. It was pretty neat seeing the Lincoln statue. The speed limits ranged up to 80 or 90 I believe and snow moved. There were warning signs about drifting snow, so we took extra caution. When we got to the hotel, I had to drive up a slight curve which happened to be covered in snow. Once getting to the hotel, there was no going back out. However since our trip ended earlier that day, we all managed to get in a bit more rest. Of course Trinity didn’t like the Sun when we reached the peak of the Mountains but she survived and so did I of another day of driving and toddler tantrums in the backseat. Lol.

Peace and Love- Lady T.

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