Day 4: Getting Out of the Snow

Day four was an interesting beginning. Wyoming was covered in snow but luckily the roads were salted and we could leave without any issues. It was really beautiful to get through minus the dirty windows from the constant sand going through the valleys. Our trip starting out wasn’t bad. However by the end of the day, let’s just say we were happy to make it through.

Our travel route took us through Utah. It was covered in snow and apparently there had been warnings to stay off the road. We could see why driving through. We drove as safely as we could up and down the mountains and through the cities. Arriving in Idaho was great. The roads were clear and the shifting snow had returned. However we did spot a lot of things to do in Idaho when there isn’t snow on the ground. We went through Boise which looked beautiful from the highway. However danger awaited us crossing into the Idaho and Oregon state line. There were cars on the side of the road because of the ice rain. We used our walkie talkies a lot more that day and cell phones when we were out of range with each other. Oregon was buried in snow at the border of Ontario. It was actually pretty scary. The hotel we wanted to stay at was blocked off so we had to make our way around and back down the street steering for traction. We were grateful to check into the hotel but had to go out for food. The best thing is, there were four different restaurants to choose from and driving was not an option seeing cars get stuck and driving on ice was not an option. After being in the car all day, we decided to stretch our legs and dress the girls in oversized coats and hats. That was the first day we let our oldest play in the snow. She slept most of that day. I think she could sense Mommy’s concentration on the road. Snow came up to my calves so both girls had to be carried. Our oldest loved the snow, our youngest, not so much especially when we waited for daddy and some other gentleman to help a lady get stuck out of the snow. We imagined that we’d be there for a few days but we were able to leave the hotel around noon and were told the roads were clear up through LaGrande, Oregon. Here’s what our stop looked like not being able to go any further due to the road shutdown.

We did a length check while we were here. Yay!


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  1. Ai avut o perioada agitata, Mihaela! Si cred ca tot asa o vei tine si in urmatoarele zile, Sa stii ca si eu am sunat la multe firme de taxi pana cand mi-a fost preluat comanda. Intr-o dimineata a durata chiar si 35 de minute sa imi vina o masina. Spor la scris articole si la facut cuatmrapuri! Poate ne vedem si cu Andrei si cu Felix cat timp esti in vacanta.


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