Day 5: Vancouver, WA

Yay! It was the day to rejoice.

No, seriously. It was the last day of our cross country trip. It was also the last day my daughter would sit in the back seat screaming the Sun was hurting her eyes. It was a good and rough day and a test of my patience. It started out Sunny (after the Sun had risen) and great. We took a chance on getting to LaGrande, clear of icy roads and everything. It was a relatively safe start to the day. Once we arrived in LaGrande, we talked with a couple of the locals while we were eating and they were asking the usual questions about where we are from and how we were liking the weather? We were informed that the passage was clear for another few cities.

Food stop in LaGrande

We continued on past LaGrande since the roads were clear. Our next goal was to make it to Vancouver or at least Portland. We stopped at one of the viewing stops and got beautiful photos of everything around us. She insisted on getting out the car for a brief picture. I put her back in her seat and she was not happy. She cried for like an hour straight after this because I put her back in.

You could see this getting back onto the road in various spots.

This was our final stop or so we thought before reaching our destination. Later through the trip my husband’s tire popped and it was dark in one of those areas where the roads were icy in some parts and dry in others. We were about thirty minutes from Portland and on a curve off a bridge where apparently one trucker almost didn’t see us. (Of course my husband later asked what was blowing my horn going to do? I didn’t know but my hazards were on and my foot was on the break so he could see me. I did the next thing I knew to get him to move over. He moved, so I guess it worked, I don’t know. My nerves were too shook about the whole incident.) He got his spare on and we kept on going. He talked with me on the walkie after awhile after both of us had calmed down. Some of the roads were pretty dark making it hard to see between the roads that had traction and the one’s that were muddy and filled with ice. We needed dinner and rest. I was beyond frustrated and ready to stop driving. We finally made it to Vancouver about nine hours later from what should’ve been a trip less than six hours. I had to trust him. I always try to avoid driving at night if possible, especially when the weather is bad. The snowed continued to pick up as we reached Vancouver. Our original hotel choice didn’t have any lodging available. We ended up at Comfort Suites which was actually a nice hotel. The mall was across the street and the area was quiet. We stayed around that area even for food and began our house hunting search when the roads were clear enough. Most of the locals told us this was the worse they had seen in years. We didn’t wonder far. We had finally made it, got food and been able to sleep in. After all, we only wanted to relax after five days of driving across the country. It was definitely an unforgettable experience. A few days later, we took these. Our youngest dislikes the snow. Our oldest loves it and cried when I said let’s take a picture.

Like why? We told her no because she needed gloves. She found it hilarious. 

Because it was too funny not to snap. “what mommy?”

Cheers, we made it! Our home for the next few years.

Peace & Love

Lady T.

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