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Twisted Seduction Book 1 by N’Tyse Review

I began Twisted Seduction (2012) written by N’Tyse with the idea that there would be some sexual tension between the characters and this would be accurate. These books are classified as erotic fiction.

Twisted Seduction: “An erotic, drama-laced journey into the lives of two best friends who will stop at nothing to have the man of their dreams—even when the cost of betrayal has a price tag neither of them is ready to pay.”

What I thought about this book:

The storytelling aspect was there and to me that is the most important part of a novel. N’Tyse took me on a front row seat watching the lives of Greg, Denise, Jeff and Nadine and it’s hard to choose a favorite character because they are all equally flawed, just like reality. The picture perfect marriage, is usually not so but there are good actors who keep society out of their personal lives. This was no different from these characters, no one knew any dirt until the characters chose to reveal their flaws and all. The plot is sure to give you a run for your money as you grasp the pages of the book or your tablet, phone, etc wondering what is Denise thinking the whole time. Then the bombshell at the end will have you wondering what the next book is about. If you’re as curious as I was, buy all three together.

What did I like about this book?

The characters were realistic, the drama pushed the story forward. The sexual tension didn’t ruin the story or take over the plot.

What do you think will be your lasting impression of this book?

My main question when it ended was, do I really need sleep for work? It was good. I started the book at around 5 in the afternoon and stayed up until 11 something to finish it.

If you like drama and steamy romance, then I definitely recommend this book.

Peace & Love

-Lady T

Buy the book here:


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