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Helping Others & What It Means to Me

I’m going to tell you a story,

there was once a little girl searching for answers. She didn’t understand why God had allowed so many bad things to happen to her family. She questioned “His” existence many times. Her mother always said “it wasn’t God’s fault and that he would bring them out of it.” So for years, she waited and waited. They went to church and they still waited. Through sexual and physical abuse, through loosing their home, they waited. During that time, some church members were kind and supportive. Others, she noticed turned their backs to those in need but not publicly to their faces. The little girl, now a woman watched and learned about what it meant to actually sacrifice for those you love. She didn’t mind going without so that her family could have. She was grateful for those who cared for her after she had given everything that she could to those around her. It’s something to smile about thinking about friends who helped push her gas-less car to the gas station because she had given her last so her family could eat.

Those are the kind of memories that life has created for me. I’m sure there are more but when I sat down to write this blog, it was the first thing that came to mind. I still question God on many things and often pray that the heart of church goers and leadership changes to be more effective in the communities. At the same time, I pray for everyone else to have a heart of compassion and not the attitude of “it’s not my problem.” I’d rather serve in a one level building than to have a city full of people in need. The largest misconception that people have is that they don’t have anything to give to help others. I am a firm believer in helping those in need. For me, I have had a lot of help in life from friends that talked me out of suicide to those feeding me when I was hungry. I remember living in a homeless shelter in Dunn, NC and the food truck came in. They told us we could eat whatever we wanted. I was grateful for those moments. I remember not going to school for a semester and helping take care of my siblings. When I finally got back into school, the counselor told my mother I could go to summer school to make up some credits to graduate with my graduating class because I had never been in trouble and my grades were good. I remember all of the people that showed compassion and grace towards me. My mentor from foster care, including my teaching parents (TPs from Lake Waccamaw, NC). To me, there is no excuse to never show compassion and help those in need. Often times we spend money and time on things that perish but the investment into someone else can be both life changing for you and them. This is why I help others. This is why I invest. It brings me joy to do it and it doesn’t always take money to do it. Sometimes it’s so simple as to going outside of our comfort zones and talking with those who are in need and hearing their story or buying a meal for a Vet in need or just having an open mind and heart. People are in need and aren’t looking for judgement. They need compassion and empathy, something I feel the church has lost sight of in trying to obtain the next biggest building. And in seeing others as outsiders, humanity is slowly fading where we don’t see others for what they need but as lesser or our enemy. We can change that by simply communicating and leaving preconceptions and biased opinions where they belong and not in our hearts. We can be the change we desire to see. 
My top three causes:

-The Vets

-The homeless  

-The elderly  

Peace & Love

Lady T.

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