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Building Online Relationships: One Reader At A Time by LaShaunda Hoffman book review


thanks for joining me for another book review. LaShaunda has a promotion group on Facebook (See You on the Net Promotion Training Group) and this is how I learned about her book. As a new author, I wanted to know how I could connect more with other writers and readers. I’m a really shy person and I often find writing to be my way of connecting with those around me and those I want to reach or inspire. In reading her book I found a lot of helpful information. There is a great deal of helpful information in the book but I’ll share a few of my favorites with you here:

  • A schedule is important. Without creating a blogging, writing or networking schedule things can get haywire with or without life getting in the way. One of the benefits of having author or business pages is being able to schedule posts in advance so you aren’t on your phone all day. (You can also do this in WordPress. My favorite feature.) Note I recently discovered Hootsuite. It has a paid and free feature. I’m still getting the hang of it.
  • It’s equally important to reach out to those who respond to you. Again, not all day but pop into your social media and see what readers are saying or if they are asking questions.
  • Create blog post/article ideas from themes in your writing. I always wondered what I would write about and my favorite topic is love. It’s also the theme of most of my writing but I can make it my own. I also like talking about writing and poetry. It was great that after ever topic LaShaunda incorporated ways to apply the tasks that she had laid out or talked about. In each step not only do you become a better writer but you give readers a reason to come back and you build connections with your target audience.
  • Create a promotion plan.
  • It’s important to promote for at least three months: before the release, release day and post release. (This is currently scheduled for my new book Life & Love)

These are just a few of my favorite points, there are plenty for everyone. Overall, I enjoyed reading and learning from this book. It is a must have for first time authors and could be applied to new businesses in reaching new clients and growing your target audience. Even if you have been in the publishing industry for awhile and need a new way to approach new readers or expand your audience, this book will be very beneficial.

Update: I’ve been applying the tools in the book and it really is a great guide on getting starting. I’m sure I have a ways to go but it’s great to have a starting point.


Peace & Love

-Lady T.

You can buy the book here:

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