My Poetry

Twin Flames

Just another random love story…. Lol.

Her heart beats for you,
But she can’t tell you,
Trapped in a galaxy,
She’s determined not to fall in love with you,
She’s been broken so much,
She loves the idea of you,
And maybe her together,
She’s sure you could survive any stormy weather,
Eternal flames,
Bright desire,
You meet each other’s needs,
The heart speaks,
The road screams danger,
But she wants you,
In all your humor,
Your flame burns bright to match hers,
You’ve known each other before,
Unsure of how,
You’re comfortable,
She wants to tell you everything,
Her heart used to be pure,
You’re her light for her darkness,
She’s the light to yours,
Your souls touch,
They know each other,
She doesn’t want to fall in love,
But you want to show her love,
Like she’s never known before,
She wants to do the same for you,
So she begin to love you,
Open her heart to you,
Open her soul to you,
No room for games,
Just to love you,
Her heart beats for you,
You understand her needs,
No need to search the galaxies,
Your flame is the one she’s been missing,
No more broken dishes,
Her heart and soul are mended,
Just another love story,
So cherish what you’ve been given,
You get one lifetime to love,
Don’t be afraid to take risks for love…..

Peace & Love
-Lady T

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