My Poetry

Don’t Touch

Please don’t touch me,
Or spiritually,
I have a false sense of love,
Too afraid of abandonment,
That I abandon myself,
And loose all consciousness,
And I would love to just for a day or two,
To ignore the tragedies around me,
For loving a man that could never love me like Christ loved the church,
Isn’t that what so many women pray for,
And thank the Lord above for,
I feel like I’m in a state of rebellion against man,
We are not all lovers,
We are not all friends,
And not everyone who claims to love you does,
My past flashed before my eyes,
And I wanted to cry but I couldn’t,
I just wanted a safety net and didn’t have one,
Like a piercing bullet and no vest from the barrel of a gun,
Let’s pretend it didn’t happen and say I love you and goodnight,
This is a sticky situation,
And I just want to erase it,
No contemplating,
I missed it,
Aisle four clean up,
Just let the water pour,
Let the blood roll,
As the enemy scores,
And I am broken furthermore,
But my smile is my shell,
This life of hell,
I am within myself,
My best friend til the end,
Because even if he actually loved me,
He could still hurt me in the end,
And I want real love,
Not just the kind shared between best friends,
I don’t want it to hurt again,
So please don’t touch me,
Don’t touch me ever again…

Peace & Love

-Lady T

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