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You’re Beautiful 


You’re Beautiful

To me you’re beautiful,

I wouldn’t change a thing about you,

I see 3 paths to you,

Hear the birds in the trees,

But all I want is you,

Encapsulate me,

Waves rushing deep,

You fill the creeks,

Until you’re overflowing,

To please everyone,

But who cares for you,

You’re beautiful,

Let me make love to you with my words,

Continuing into galaxies unheard,

Our love affair is a metaphor,

And I want to swim in you,

Release my sorrows and tears and add unto you,

Take what you give and multiply it,

But you’ve already been multiplied and I see my reflection in you,

Pure as the ocean,

And still I love you,

I’d rather be up the creek without a paddle,

Than to loose sight of you,

The trees up from the paths I see,

Are beautiful and green,

With spots of brown that don’t scare me away,

You are all I see,

The ripples in the sun,

Or under the moonlight

Cloud watching with you as it reflects on you,

I give you everything,

At least I want to,

But you have your own obstacles,

The many people that deface you and try to erase you,

Mistreat you,

Misplace you,

You are beautiful to me in every sense of the word,

Your beauty radiates and I love you,

Beautiful nature you are,

I’ve climbed your mountain peaks,

Drank from your streams,

Played in your tears,

Made mudpies with your clay,

You’re beautiful in every way….

– Taneisha

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