Author Learning Tools

Marketing Resources


  • Riffle Books: Very affordable. I did a listing for their website, Facebook page and Twitter. They email book deals to their readers for the genre that their readers choose when signing up.
  • My Book Place: They have a free option and the guaranteed feature option. I went with the paid to have my book featured longer. They also have the purchase link with the feature. The website also does author interviews (Submit here: ) if you don’t want to feature your book or they can’t accommodate the date that you requested. They also have sister sites that will be emailed to you as a recommendation when you contact them. (
  • I did a side bar ad with them for $15 for 90 days. This is a book review website, and it also list reviewers and has a partner website:
  • Book Lemur: sends out deals to their readers daily via email for books that go on sale or have a free promotion running. They were great to use because my book was free during my virtual book launch and they promoted that day. It costs about $30. They do book blasts specifically for your genre to their readers.
  • SORMAG, Shades of Romance Magazine: has several services that authors can use. I got one of the packages that features a little bit of everything. There are packages for every budget. I’ve always liked promoting through SORMAG because as a reader, I also get to see the promotions in actions. I get the e-blast via email, see the Tweets, and Facebook posts. There is also a blog that accompanies the magazine where authors can make the blog one of the stops on their book tours.

Book Tours:

  • WNL Virtual Book Tours:     I haven’t used this service yet but will for my third quarter promotion. I’ll update how it goes.

Virtual Event Hosts

  • Tyora (TY) Moody of Tywebbin Publicity: This was my first virtual book release/launch and it was a blast. She was such an amazing host and kept everyone engaged and asking questions. I will be using her again for all of my releases over the next year based on availability of course. She was great. She promoted via Facebook and Twitter as well as her website.

I’ve received several emails or found additional promoters with marketing services since I began promoting my books. Here are a few:

Disclaimer: I have not yet used these services but will based on my budget or if they meet what I am looking for. I set a budget for each quarter and try not to deviate from it. I also use Facebook.


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