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I woke up this morning and got ready for work as I do any other day. I forgot about yesterday’s tantrum from the three year old because I said the worse word to her tiny little ears “NO.” I followed up with Mommy means that and told her that I still loved her. While passerby’s in the mall stare as if we’re committing child abuse. I smile as politely as I can. I swear I’m not doing anything wrong other than letting her know that she doesn’t always get what she wants.

Her sister on the other hand decided that she no longer wanted fries when she saw Mommy’s bowl of rice and vegetables once we arrived home. In the car they were perfect because she was hungry and very vocal about it. We usually ask the oldest what she wants when we go out for dinner and she always wants fries especially from Jacks. Our youngest follows suit and usually eats our oldest food if they have something different.After playtime is over and they are fed and bathed, it is time to relax with a book. The house looks like a zoo but so what? After all we house two children under five. The youngest climbs into my lap while my husband loudly I might add watches videos on his telephone. He proceeds to take a break to ask me if I need anything or what’s going on? Our oldest thinks it’s still playtime and the youngest in still in my lap waiting for me to finish the book. Unfortunately the oldest manages to smile at her and get her riled up again. I watch them play for a bit and remind them that it’s story time. They both smile at me and continue rolling on the floor. So I proceed to remind my husband once more that it’s story time after he asks me what I’m doing once again. I gather the books and put them up and the little one for bed. The oldest proceeds to ask for her tablet. Of course my answer is “no.” No story time, no tablet. While it may seem harsh to deny her electronic gadgets, she won’t remember that I said no because we didn’t finish our story time before bed after play time was over. What she will remember as she gets older is that you won’t always get the answer that you want in life. She’ll also learn that to Mommy, while technology is great, reading is still just as important in picking up a physical book. Since she knows how to operate a tablet and isn’t into e-books yet, story time is a way to encourage literacy and use of our imaginations. I enjoy talking in different voices to match the characters or the tone of the story. It makes them laugh or make funny animal sounds with me.

I said all that to say that when her sister was screaming through the house the morning after and woke everyone up before I went to work, she didn’t remember that I told her no. She hugged me and kissed me before work just as excitedly as she does when she sees me after work. The time I spend with her will impact her future, no matter if it’s story time or just play time. There is something special to me about being able to be a parent.


Peace & Love

-Lady T.


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