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Hobby 1 Outside of Writing: Sewing

Hi! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Monday.

I get questions about what else I like to do aside from writing all the time and thought it would be great to make a blog about it. My latest hobby is sewing. I wasn’t a good knitter but sewing took me by storm. It was unexpected and began all because I didn’t want to play $29 for a hat with satin lining when I could learn to make one in designs I chose and satin colors of my choice. I’ll admit, I used to sketch all the time in middle school and high school and filled in the designs with color. Regrettably, I don’t have any of those anymore. I gave up designing about ten years ago. It was interesting to me because I’ve been so focused on writing that this hobby would come back to me. I had written off sketching and getting enjoyment out of it a long time ago.

My husband now says that “my hobby is more expensive than his.” Remnants and sales get me every time but the designs that I get to create are so much fun. Not only that but because he’s a gamer, he has an endless amount of time with almost no interruptions. My mini helpers help choose the fabric and elastic or ribbon to use from my growing stash. I do think eventually I’d like to create my own fabric patterns. I think I can make writing, sewing and reading work into my schedule permanently. So far it’s working and my family still gets most of my time on days off and our little girls are always happy to try on new clothes.

Do you have questions? Post them below and I’ll do a video or blog about it.

Peace & Love

Lady T

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