How do you write, J L?

Tracee Lydia Garner

Meet debut author,

J. L. Lora


Visits with me on the Blog today to tell us how she #writes….

I can’t resist an intriguing story and my characters know this. That’s why they show up out of nowhere and whisper a sentence in my ear. I always have the same reaction to it: huh? What is that all about? Sometimes the characters come with names and sometimes they just talk to me until I figure them out. A full scene unfolds before my eyes and I can only stand there; let it happen.

My name is J. L. Lora and I’m a newbie author.

When I met Alec and Carissa, the main characters in my novel Boss, they were knee-deep in conflict. These two were at odds. I was gifted with a scene that was exciting, confusing, and left me with an irregular heartbeat.

I learned Alec’s…

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