Contemporary Suspense

Deadly Affections

Synopsis: A crime romance, mystery suspense, romance novel. Psychologist Leedra Henderson has a hidden motive in abandoning everything to accept a new job at the Anchored Empowerment Center. She secretly hopes that the new position will help her to investigate her own past – and to finally uncover the real story behind a string of mysterious deaths at her childhood foster home. Now a strong, independent woman, Leedra doesn’t need help: she wants to seek justice, and she will. Alone. Dexter Parker needs his own answers about that time in the foster home so long ago. A grown man reeling from the fallout of a broken marriage, Dexter’s rational mind tells him never to try the risks of love again – but he knows he could fill in the blanks for Leedra, if only it doesn’t end up costing him his heart. More urgently, Dexter needs to save the determined Leedra from the results of her detective work, before it all blows up in her face and costs both of them their lives. Can the pair set aside their painful histories, avenge the lives that have been lost and – who knows – discover new love?


Deadly Affections by Tracee Lydia Garner leaves the reader sympathizing with the main character Leedra Henderson. At first I thought the book was an action book but it had me hooked from page one. I loved that the book was a clean suspense romance. There were a few plot twists that I hadn’t expected in the end but enjoyed reading it. The story was believable and engaging. Leedra was guarded and had gone through a lot. It’s no wonder it would take an act of God for Dexter to get through to her. A small town, a missing girl, family and the possibility of falling in love, it was the perfect recipe. Tracee engages the reader with her writing style into a story that will leave you breathless all the way to the end and maybe a few tears. I was able to read this book over in about a week due to traveling. I recommend this book if you want clean romance with a little suspense.

5 Stars

Peace and Love

Lady T

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2 thoughts on “Deadly Affections”

  1. I have read your blog for a year or two now and I absolutely love how you write! Your writings are amusing, witty and what I love the most is that your inlntligeece shines trough them : ) A big deal of the stories in women magazines are dumb and dull and yours’ are . . well absolutely the contrary : ) All the best, L.

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