Poetry Book Reviews

I Still Want It by Derrick Jaxn

Hi and thanks for joining me for another book review.

So Derrick Jaxn’s book was one that I kept seeing in my Facebook timeline and I decided to check it out. It was worth it. His poetry book touches on relationships from a man’s perspective with words that both seduce a woman and get her to thinking about her own relationships or causes her to reflect upon herself. I did that a bit through reading his book and asking myself questions. My favorite poem that stood out is called I Got It. He talks about insecurities and embracing a woman because of it over pushing her away and making her feel secure. I liked this book because it addressed a lot of the issues that I write about but from a man’s perspective. Mr. Jaxn speaks to women in his book and inspires them to let them know chivalry isn’t dead, it’s more on who women choose to date or how they represent themselves like in his poem She’s Real. This book features a whole lot of poems that I really enjoyed and I’m sure you will too. There were no graphic images but some profanity.

4 Stars- I thought this book was excellent.

Peace & Love

Lady T.

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