Young Adults

Kieta’s Journey to the City by Brenda Smith

As always,

Thanks for joining me for today’s book review of Kieta’s Journey to the City by Brenda Smith. I bought this book from Amazon.

My first impression of the book was feeling sorry for the main character Kieta because her father was too poor to care for her and had failing health. She comes from a family of servants. Naturally her time had come to be separated from her father and to go serve a well to do family. Her employer’s daughter allowed her to be homeschooled and everything was great until insurgents came.

This book is a warm and fuzzy book. It’s about a young girl’s journey. She experiences highs and lows just like any other teenager. While she fears what lies ahead of her, she learns along the way about hard work and dedication, not just to her employers but to her work. I enjoyed the storyline and there were some shocking plot points in how her employers handled her that I didn’t expect. Overall it was a great book to read. I can see myself reading it to my daughters once they are old enough. I do wonder if the story will continue though and what happened to the servants and the family. That’s as far as I can go without giving away more spoilers.

I like this book. I recommend this book for young adults and teenagers.

Peace & Love

-Lady T

This book can be purchased here:

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