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The Hard Lesson of “No”

What good does it do for us to give our children everything that they wish? At first I was embarrassed as my daughter decided to throw her tantrum in the Wal-Mart checkout line, the Safeway checkout line, the Target and the list could go on because her father and I had said no about candy or anything else that she asked for. We give our girls a ton of love and affection but one “no” can ruin a whole afternoon. At first I wanted to just give it to her because I wanted her to be quiet but then it was like, do I want to encourage this behavior? I don’t think any parents wants to encourage bad behavior from their children or encourage them to think that parents should give to their every want. She didn’t need the snacks when there was a pantry full of them at home. She wanted it because she saw it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told “no” in life for one reason or another. While it’s important to teach our children to work hard for what they want, it’s equally important to teach them “no.”

No everything you want in life might not come to you easy and no you won’t always get what you want. However there will be other opportunities in life and other doors to walk through. Say yes to yourself and yes to your dreams. Say no to negativity. Say no to people who don’t deserve you or your time. Let go of the small stuff. Know when to say no but also know when to say yes. Everyday isn’t sunshine but there will be some “no’s” when following one’s dream. The goal isn’t to allow the “no” to crush you, it’s in getting back up and trying again.

While it may seem a bit extreme, telling her no actually made me realize a few things in my own life. Plus, I want to raise her to be polite and accept that no means no, it doesn’t mean throw a tantrum until you get what you want. Life doesn’t work like that and neither does going after what you want in life.

Peace & Love

Lady T

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