Their Eyes Were Watching God by Nora Hurston book review

I read this book as a part of a school assignment. I thought it would be worth reviewing. For starters I’ve heard of Nora Zeale Hurston but I’d never read the book until now. Their Eyes Were Watching God was an interesting tale of a woman finding her own. She searched for love and finally found a love worth keeping until the unexpected happened. Hurston wrote in a dialogue that may be hard to interpret for some. I re-read some parts. It was interesting how she incorporated what most would consider Ebonics in the dialogue but “proper English”everywhere else for her time period. Hurston wrote during the time where African Americans were coming out of slavery and finding new ways to deal with racism and come into their own so to speak. 

For Hurston to write a novel giving an African American woman such a strong position was unheard of. After all black women were the last to be heard of or from during this time. The struggle for women’s rights, let alone African American women were still up for debate. I enjoyed reading this story. It’s different than what I’ve reviewed or read before but given that it’s a classic, and I enjoyed it, I hope you will too. 

It’s a book for young adults, possibly high school level and up depending on  their parents restrictions. 

5 Stars

It’s a book I have to re-read one day. It was enjoyable and in some moments uncomfortable but that’s the good news about history. It won’t always make you comfortable but you can learn and grow from it. 

Peace & Love 

Lady T

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