Contemporary Suspense

Complicated Creatures

Complicated Creatures
Alexi Lawless
VIVRANT Press Publications
ISBN: 978-0692209653
Published: April 25, 2014
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Very Good

Complicated Creatures is an interesting book. It is my first book by Alexi Lawless. There are several plots going on at once. At first you think okay, S. Wyatt our protagonist is going to fall in love with the guy she saves in the beginning but this is just an introduction into what she does; protector of people. I loved the strong female lead concept! So the opening is action packed and then the novel begins and is pretty slow. The writer crafted a novel that pulls back layers on the mysterious S. Wyatt and her love interest Jack Roman who wants to know everything. throughout each chapter. Around the middle of the book is when the reader gets an insight into what makes Samantha who she is. The writing is very detailed with some sex scenes. While the book isn’t a quick read, it was interesting to see the author reveal the main characters and their motives. There were moments in the book that made me laugh and other moments that I didn’t feel were necessary. The cliffhanger in the end with unanswered questions is usually a no-go for any book lover even if there will be a sequel. Which is why the rating isn’t higher. None of the major plot questions are answered which leaves the reader feeling cheated. There are two additional books in this series. The book is three hundred and eighty-two pages. I would recommend this book if you want mystery with a hint of romance and to continue the series to find out who Samantha is the other mysteries behind the character.

Peace & Love

Lady T

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