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Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Review

Hi! Thanks for tuning in again. I got this book last summer before I went away for training as a gift. I grew up on Harry Potter. I was a fanatic.

Anyway for the review. I loved it as much as the series. The story picks up year later with the son of “the boy with the scar.” His son is in his shadow and naturally that can be annoying for any child. Harry Potter was in the shawdow of his parents and for being the boy who survived Voldemort’s attack.

It’s great to see the team back in action to solve mysteries and try to understand their children. What they didn’t count on was darkness returning or Harry and Draco’s son becoming friends. What trouble could they get into? Read the play to find out what happened and how the story continues.

If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, this play is for you. I read it just like any other book and pictured the scenes as they came about. Great book! I’ll be reviewing books I read from last year up until now.

Peace & Love

Lady T.

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