Shifters of Draglin Book 1 Review

Shifters of Draglin by Kase Palmer is an interesting book. I was intrigued with the storyline and gifted this book in a giveaway through Facebook. I am excited to read the rest of the series and the ending is open. The closing is not a major cliffhanger that detracts from the rest of the story though. It reminded me of reading the Harry Potter series with the exception that there were no witches to ward off. There were shape shifting dragons, centaurs, elves and more in this fantasy novel. It could be read in one setting but I read it in two. There are lessons in responsibility and respect for others in the book. The writing held my attention and I wasn’t bored with the story line. The story is about a group of friends who are about to embark on an expedition so to speak. They have come of age and although there is darkness around, there is a mission that must be accomplished. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to children and young adults interested in fantasy fiction.

Peace & Love

Lady T

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