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Bell Bottom High Book 1 Review

This book takes me back to childhood. Bell Bottom High was written by Barbara Joe Williams (BJ Williams on Amazon). Although the setting is in the 70s, it was still relatable. School dances, focusing on studies, a best friend, not being popular, etc were all apart of my world growing up. I was a bookworm too. I preferred the library or books like the main character Reecy Jones. She was relatable. There were moments I laughed while reading this book and other moments I worried about Reecy’s situation. After all, secrets eat away at you and she gave her word to keep a big secret for a girl that wasn’t even her friend. Can Reecy keep her word is the ultimate question of the book?

The book was well written and I’m looking forward to to reading the rest of the series. It addresses issues that teenagers go through from peer pressure to teenage pregnancy. I wonder if Reecy and her crush Henry will get together. I have to read the other books to find out. The characters and story setting are realistic. It’s definitely a book for young adults but for adults too who like taking a stroll down memory lane. I immediately went back and downloaded music from the 80s up to my high school days in reading this book. Good times!

5 Stars

Peace & Love

Lady T

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