Wake Up Your True Identity Review

I love reading but this is one book I couldn’t finish. This is book is by Maurice Lindsey. I couldn’t get past the contradictions in the beginning. In studying African history thus far, God is not solely a man or a he. There was a lot of biblical context intertwined in the book. Christianity was brought into the continent, it was not the first religion. In researching most African history and the various areas there, there are many different beliefs. Most Africans are very spiritual and believe in being one with nature and the universe. 
On the other hand there are great tips about coming together and supporting each other. Some of the book is true and based on facts that we know from society but there are other questionable statements. Overall it’s more of a book for African American Christians than it is for Africans/African Americans who study African spirituality. There needs to be more research and hardly any if any at all of the African Gods/Goddesses were mentioned in the part of the book that I read. The rest I skimmed through. 

2 Stars

Lady T.

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