Children's Book Review

Lola at the Library Review

Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw is a great children’s story. I’ve been diversifying my girls reading collection. Growing up I was a bookworm but often wondered about where could I see myself in the picture books. Truth was at that time, I couldn’t. So I’ve been searching for all types of children’s books and more importantly books that give my girls a diverse range of characters of every shape and color. 

This book introduces children to the concept of going to the library in a time where that seems ancient. (We have a library inside the mall here in Washington. I find that really amazing.) Miss Lola our main character takes us on her journey and what she does at the library. She’s a little bookworm and her Mommy reads to her at night. The words are easy to follow for little readers and the story is easy to follow. I enjoyed reading this with my little ones and it’s definitely a favorite. They enjoyed it and smiled but I was not about to read it again. (Lol, every parents silent prayer. Read it once for the night and sneak out.) I recommend this book to parents of little ones wanting to encourage your children to read and just in general. It’s a great children’s story. 

Peace & Love 

Lady T

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