Short Stories

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Zane Review

Zane has written so many books and I read my first in high school. I decided to pay another visit to her work once I got older. The misconception is that all of her books are filled with erotica/sex and they aren’t. I enjoyed this short story. It reminds me of the nostalgia I get when I travel back to Charlotte, NC, Columbia, SC or Tallahassee/ Gretna, FL. While I’ve changed there are pieces of those places where I lived that haven’t. That’s life sometimes but to the review.

Do as I said, it’s short like reading an essay for school with a good meaning. Forgiveness is just one of the many keys to life. This short included that and although it’s a holiday book, it’s really just a general rule to follow in life. Forgive when we can and make amends because everyone doesn’t get the chance to before they leave the Earth. There is beauty in forgiveness. I recommend this book to anyone seeking or questioning forgiveness. The road to redemption is not always an easy task but we are capable of redemption and forgiveness.

Peace & Love

Lady T

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