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Unstable Creature Review

Unstable Creature was written by Angel B. I purchased this book in 2014. This is a review has been updated from the original posted to Amazon in 2014.

I love how I could relate to Sophia. This book is a page turner! Every woman has been fed up at some time and Sophia happened to do what many of us think in our heads but never act on…..

Years later and paying this a revisit was worth it. A woman can get fed up and with the amount of pressure on Sophia, there was no surprise when she snapped. Sophia is like every woman that has been hurt enough and has gotten fed up. The difference, her anger can be deadly. Pain turns into instability and anger. There is no better revenge than a woman scorned. When the men in her life constantly abuse her, she questions what she must do to protect herself from womanizers and abusers? Will she ever find the right one?

I like the way this book was written. The female lead is strong. Even in her weakness, she finds the strength to move forward and to not give up on love. The writer pulls the reader in thinking that there will be a happy ending in the beginning and as a reader I was hoping Maurice wouldn’t turn out to be another bad guy in her path but he was horrible and played every woman across his path. What makes a woman become unstable in her emotions and behavior? Angel B takes the reader on a journey. There was that open end though which could mean another book. It was a great read.

3 Stars

Peace & Love

Lady T.

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