Carrie by Stephen King Book Review

Hi everyone! So I had to read this book for school and had never read it before. I thought it was very interesting. Then learning about Stephen King publishing the book with the encouragement of his wife was beautiful when his intention had been to throw it out. Anyways the opening of the book opens to a school setting. King shows the reader the trauma Carrie has to endure from bullies and her mother. There is a power struggle in the novel between the characters. Carrie’s mother is very religious and the bullies eventually get what’s coming to them. This book explores the relationship between the bully and the victim. Karma can be brutal. While King is known for writing horror, there was nothing horrific in this novel as it transitioned back and forth from the story to the interviews and news articles. It was a great read. It is definitely a recommended book if you like stories where the victim rises against those that are against them or are into horror, thriller, suspense and supernatural novels.

Peace & Love

Lady T.

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