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Tamar Sloan Interview

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Tamar Sloan of Make it Count which comes out on the 10th of October. Congratulations, that is exciting!

Hi Tamar, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself.

1. Who are some of your favorite authors? 

I loved the Twilight Series, so defs Stephenie Meyer. Twilight really inspired my first books. Lauren Kate is also a wonderful author. Oh, and John Green and David Levitan and Jandy Nelson. There’s so much talent out there and so little reading time!

2. Who are some authors in your genre that inspire you? 

I just realized all the authors I just listed are YA authors! That’s kinda funny, because I just answered this question too. 

3. What type of books do you like to read? 

I’m one of those nerdy people that love non-fiction just as much as fiction, so right now I’ve got a book going on human curiosity along with another one on chaos theory (I’m so fascinated by it and its intersection with fate – can you predict the future or not?, and it’s going to be the basis of a YA romance once day…). Fictionwise, I’ve got The Time Traveler’s Wife setting next to my bedside table (please don’t ask me to spell that authors name…), it’s really (and I mean, really) good!

4. What is your favorite book and why? 

Man, I have to choose just one? My favourite book tends to change as my tastes evolve, but to be honest, it’s probably more what I’m reading at the time. If it’s a really good book, then that’s the one that captures my imagination and dominates my mind. The Time Traveler’s Wife is doing a masterful job of that at the moment. 

5. What is your favorite positive saying? 

Be the difference you wish to see in the world — Gandhi

6. What is your favorite film and why? 

Last of the Mohicans – it has an amazing soundtrack AND a beautiful love story. Kinda intense on the bloodshed side, but I still love it. 

7. What book have you written that you can see as a film? Do you think you could potentially reach more readers this way? 

Make it Count, for sure. It’s such a beautiful love story and interesting premise. I’d love to see Casey and PJ’s chemistry be brought to life, and their story unfold for as many eyes as possible. It being made into a movie would be a dream come true! 

8. What advice would you give to your younger self? 

I still give this advice to myself – don’t believe everything your mind tells you. Our minds love to predict, and mine can be pretty inaccurate! If I could tell my younger self what I’ve achieved, her automatic response would be ‘no way!’ Then I’d have to remind her, don’t believe everything your mind tells you.  

9. What advice has helped you most in propelling you forward in your writing? 

Don’t believe everything your mind tells you 😉 I have a vociferous inner critic that is full of advice. I ignore it every day so I can follow my passion.  

10. What advice would you give to aspiring writers? 

Be prepared for a fabulous roller coaster ride. There will be lows, there will be twists you thought you knew were coming but you really didn’t, and there will be exhilarating highs. How do you prepare for something like that? In some ways you can’t, in other ways you pack your fortitude and resilience, and open yourself up to the joy of the ride. 

11. What is the main thing you want readers to take away from your latest book and why? 

You only live once. So don’t let fear be the ones making the decisions for you.  

12. Let’s talk about your character. How did you come up with the idea for Casey? 

I love Casey. She’s the character that is least like me so I had to really work to see the world from her perspective. I knew if anyone that had to live with seeing what Casey did that it would heart-wrenching. When Casey really showed herself, I realized it was harder for her than I could have imagined. Casey is impulsive and fun-loving and loves human interaction. Being so isolated is such a challenge for her. So, I think Casey was the only person that could pull off Make it Count, and she just happened! 

12. How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have? 

Two…I think. The third book for my Prime Prophecy series, and another YA contemporary romance that I need more time to complete. I have about 5 books swirling in my head waiting impatiently to be written, but I don’t think that counts ; ) 

13. What one thing would you give up to become a better writer? 

Now that’s an interesting question. Time. It’s precious, but I’m willing to invest it to get better at my craft.  

14. Is there anything that you would do differently? 

Write more and eat less ; ) 



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