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Make It Count Book Review

Hello everyone!

Thanks for joining me on another book review adventure. That’s exactly what this book was. I was gifted an advanced copy for review and it was not a disappointment. What happens when you have a gift and curse that tells you when someone is going to die? Do you hide away from society afraid to touch everyone or learn to live? This is the journey of our main character Casey. She’s funny and witty. She lives her life inside of a bubble until she meets PJ. Without giving away too much of the story, I’ll stop there on my recap.

What I loved the most was the chemistry between the two characters from the first time they met, it leaps off the pages. As a reader, you can imagine and picture what Casey is going through. The book was written in first person, so it’s like she is talking directly to you. She brings you into her world and allows you to see what she’s struggled with and her insecurities. I really enjoyed reading this story. I also enjoyed Tamar’s use of the current language like YOLO for the blog the main character runs. LOLL (laugh often, laugh loud) was definitely my favorite. After all, we only get one life to live. Make it count and laugh as much as possible, whenever possible.

I recommend snuggling into a corner or near a fireplace and relaxing while Casey talks to you about her family and the mysterious PJ that has caught her attention in a way no other boy has.

Peace & Love

Lady T.

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