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The Strawberry Startup Review

Hi everyone!

So what better way to the this week’s book review than by talking about money? I mean who doesn’t love money for clothes, food, investing, starting your own business? The list is endless really. I was sent this book for review. It was a great break away from school work. First the opening page tells you exactly what the book is about. THE STRAWBERRY STARTUP: Everything You Need To Know About Turning Your Passion In To A Profitable Business & How You Can Build A Startup On Your Own was written by Moses Lim.  The steps in the book are pretty straight forward. Everyone has a passion that can possibly help them make a living outside of a 9 to 5. Some people enjoy this setting but others like myself, can use books like this to brainstorm profiting off something you enjoy and love. Top reasons why I enjoyed this book:

1- Credibility: The author uses successful business people who had to start out just like many of us want to. Successful people may fail sometimes but they never quit. They test out, start in garages, their kitchens, etc. We have to start somewhere. I like how this is presented and the reference to “Monday Blues.” Don’t be afraid to start small.

2- Inspiration: We will always be stuck in our current position if we don’t get out and try something new. This resonated with me because of where my life is headed currently. It’s applicable to everyone. He also provides a five step guide to help you figure out how to start your business or dream. He speaks honestly about not having the support of everyone. It’s okay. Dust yourself off and get to work anyway doing something you love.

3. Although the model presented in some chapters reference big business brands, the idea of an exit strategy can apply to someone wanting their own firm, practice, home based business and so forth. Don’t settle for the 9-5 when you know there is more that you can do. The author also talks about social media marketing and building a brand business. In the age of technology, it is important to not just rely on word of mouth customers. If your product is solely online, a social media presence will be worth it based on the algorithms for ads and such. Instagram is also great for hashtags and ads. I also like Twitter but these are just the networks I use.

4. Research is important. Whether you need to secure funding or need to save for your home based business, do what you need to do in order to build. Make sure you bring together the best team possible for your brand, should you need one.

Overall, there is so much to take away from this book, whether you have a bis business plan concept or small home based business. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to take a leap into profiting from their passion. It will be worth the read.

Peace & Love

Lady T.


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