Alkaline Vegan For Newbies Review

Hi everyone!

I think this is the first time I’ve ever thought about reviewing a cookbook or recipe book. I chose this one because since I’ve became a vegetarian, I find myself on Pinterest almost every day seeking vegan alkaline friendly recipes. There aren’t that many alkaline ones yet. I heard about Dr. Sebi a few years ago but didn’t take my health as serious then, as I do now. Anyways, I stumbled across this book on Amazon about a month ago.

Alkaline Vegan For Newbies: Easy 1-2-3 steps to quick alkaline vegan meals by Nigel Robinson has some great recipes in the book. It’s a great book to start with on learning the basics of the alkaline diet. The list of approved ingredients can help when you are grocery shopping. Some books have more but this list follows Dr. Sebi’s approved list more so than others. One of my favorite things to eat with almost every meal is quinoa, it’s a great rice substitute to transition to. They don’t have spelt in my local grocery stores. Remember with any recipe book, items can vary based on location. There are recipes in this book for soup, making your own fruit and vegetable drinks and more. Check it out. It’s short but worth it to start with.

Peace & Love

Lady T

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