First Crush, Last Love Book Review

Hi everyone! Back today with another review. This is such a sweet story. I’m sure we can remember our first crushes. That being said First Crush, Last Love is a romance novel by Elizabeth McKenna. It is roughly 314 pages in length and definitely a story worth reading. There are sad parts and happy moments. Jessie Baxter is our main character and she is interesting. She’s a female jock but not popular. She has a crush on another jock. I didn’t see that part coming. Usually it’s the cheerleader and the jock. Either way, it’s interesting to see how they begin to connect even with the protagonist in the picture, Tina, Lee’s current girlfriend. Jessie also has a brother named Martin, who has his own slew of problems to deal with but she loves him, no matter what.

Elizabeth McKenna wrote a story with plenty of twists and unexpected turns. Following Jessie and Lee on their stories post high school leave the reader with a since of sympathy for both characters. Both are stuck from abuse in childhood or adulthood. It runs off into the course of the novel which is broken into three parts. It is full of details and getting into the minds of Lee and Jessie, made the story that much more engaging. Grab some tissues and dig in. It is a warm and heartfelt story worth reading over and over again.

This is definitely one of the best romance novels I’ve read in a while but maybe it’s because I can relate to both of the main characters so much. It’s a great story of love and overcoming abuse to love.

Peace and Love

Lady T

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Purchase Links:

Ebook: $0.99 (US) at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Paperback: $8.99 (US) at CreateSpace and Amazon


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