Wildfire by Haryln Bryan Review

Hi everyone!

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful morning. I was gifted this by the author Haryln Bryan. I have never read any of her books before but this was a great story. 

Full disclaimer, grab some popcorn and a cozy corner before beginning this love story. You will not want to be interrupted until it is complete. Haryln takes us on the journey of Camille and Quinten through the eyes of their friend Nastassia. We begin their journey with drama before learning what got them to where they are. I love Harlyn’s style of writing. I really enjoy stories that open up and don’t take forever to get to the main point or goals of the characters. She takes readers on this journey of what it’s like to fight for what you want in life. It takes couples years to learn how to fight for one another and when there are children involved, things can get even messier. In this case our two characters are stubborn, feisty and hilariously funny together. It’s great to find attributes in characters you can relate to. This was one of those stories for me, having been someone who dated older men before. This recipe has all the right ingredients of a relationship in front of the cameras. I enjoyed how Harlyn wrote their daughter Nicole also. She’s smart and intuitive. There’s so many great things to say about this book.

The question is from the opening can Camille forgive Quinten for what he’s done? Do meddling friends make matters worse or better? There is drama and romance throughout the pages of this book and I enjoyed every moment. I always love a good romance. If you like romance novels, check this book out. This is definitely one of my recommended books.

Peace & Love

Lady T

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