Topaz and Lace Book Review

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful day. I was asked to read this book by Amber Laura. I am grateful she reached out and wow, what a great story. Let’s dive right in.

Our main character is Cassie and she is away from home for the first time for to work in a veterinary clinic for an externship. It’s the last thing she must do before the completion of her degree. I like the opening with the visual of the parents sending their child away to school or for internships and so forth. The setting of this story is in a small town. Small town romances follow a formula and Amber captured this in her characters. Our love interest is Brannt McDowell who comes off as arrogant and stubborn. Both of our characters have their issues and inner battles to conquer but the question remains, what will Cassie do once her externship is over? Can the two overcome the way they feel about each and stop bickering long enough to see if there is anything more between them?

I enjoyed reading the tension that built up between the two characters. Amber creates a world wind tale of giving into love or running away from love. I admire happily ever after stories and this one is sweet and beautifully written. Due to the nature of the season, I suggest finding a fireplace, a chaise or sofa and reading this book with a nice cup of chamomile tea. It is worth the read.

Peace and Love

Lady T.

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