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Easy Mastery Habit Book Review

Hi everyone! In the season of self help, these books are universal. T.C Peterson crafts Easy Habit Mastery with the intent of helping and inspiring others. His book offers solutions for everyone, regardless of the stage you are in as far as bettering yourself. The book is broken down into three sections. 

Section one talks about diet and exercise. What stood out the most in this section was the recommendation to give up one bad thing a month. It helps to alleviate the desire to go back and binge. By replacing one bad thing with something good each month, you allow yourself to change progrssively. 

Section two talks about mental health. This is important because it’s one of the things we often neglect. Whether you confide in a close friend or a professional, seek help when needed or just to talk. We tend to get busy in our daily lives. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. 

Lastly the book talks about our financial health. Mr. Peterson offers habits in each section to help others. This makes this book a genuine self help book by pointing out problems and offering solutions that we can apply in our daily lives. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a way to better themselves or their lives without the price of a lifecoach. It will be very beneficial. 

Peace & Love

Lady T

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