The Impossible Bet Review

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are doing great. Now that my previous term is over, I’ll slowly begin working reviews back into my schedule. This is where I left off.

First, I was gifted this book for review by the author, Anna Katmore. .

This book is a fun read. Jace wants a role in the play and his friends want him to work for it. It’s just a bet. No harm, right? The obstacle is that Jace must be kissed. He cannot initiate it and his friends select the woman. It happens to be his new neighbor, who’s not exactly the most appealing person to Jace upon first glance.

In this story, we follow Jace and Brinna. Both of these character attend the Arts Academy. Brinna is also into a guy named Jeremy.

The writing style of the author, is very detailed. We get to see inside the head of both main characters as they show us the story from their point of view. They also speak in first person. There are funny moments throughout the story. The author leaves the reader wanting to cheer for Jace to win the bet, while also wanting Brinna to be happy. This light heart-ed story, is sure to make you laugh along the way.

Peace & Love


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