Children's Book Review

My Mystical, Magical Shrinking Hair Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2018. This is my first children’s book this year and it’s perfect. My Mystical, Magical Shrinking Hair was written by Sherry Y. Smith. Why is this perfect for the first children’s book of the year?

I love this cover for several reasons, the main being representation matters. Girls with kinky, coily hair are still told that their hair needs to be done from adults who see it as unruly or a distraction. Their hair is beautiful and can be soft as a pillow. I love this idea of curly hair as beautiful and something to be proud of as someone who advocates for natural hair and embracing ourselves and our beauty. Young natural girls can see this cover and say, “she has hair like mine.”

The book itself is sweet and encouraging. Many naturals know about shrinkage. This book puts it out into a fun way for children. The author goes into the various style the mother does to get her daughter to see her hair. Books about self acceptance are needed and this one was definitely enjoyed by my little ones who read it from my phone for now. I recommend this book to parents who have children with natural hair. While it’s a great book for all children, children with natural with see their hair reflected in a positive way. Stay tuned for more from this author.

Peace & Love


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