Hi! Updates

Hi everyone! I’ve been Ghost a little while. Where do I begin?

School has taken off. My thesis writing course began two weeks ago, so I’ve taken a mini break this year so far to make sure I have a good balance on everything. I’m listening to more audiobooks lately since I’m on the go but I will sit down and write new reviews or record a few of my favorites.

I’ve also launched my business. Two to be exact, so I’ve decreased my reading time quite a bit. I am still open to committing to review two books a month when I’m relaxing. Audiobooks are very convenient lately.

Next, Ive launched a new YouTube channel. I post some motivational tidbits there (link: but for my old poetry subscribe here: https:// I’ll be getting in front of the camera more and I’m making a commitment to get in front of the camera at least once a month and either talk about what’s going on in my writing world or to record a new poem.

Hope you all are having a great and eventful 2018 so far.

Peace & Love


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