My Poetry

A New Poem by T.

I thought I'd write you a new poem today,
You've grown not to care,
You're either here or you're there,
Your mind encapsulated with the 
world around you,
Seeking to the Goddess within,
You notice every little thing but you're 
not bothered by anything,
You've chosen happiness,
Those who choose to be there will be,
Others will flee,
Your growth scares them a little,
They attempt to place you in a box and 
to make your fears reappear,
You've learned through self love that it 
vanishes ever so slightly each day,
Self love, self care and self importance 
is here to stay,
You are finally loving yourself,
You're growing to learn that it's not
all yellow skies,
Some days it's raining and the healing occurs,
You're boldly proclaiming,,
"It's not him or her, it's both,
Show me your mind and in time you can share me,
Let's do this," 
You've made yourself known,
I've accepted you dark Goddess,
Exploring things that you were taught were taboo,
I just thought I'd write you a new poem today,
Shadow and light self,
This is only the beginning of the rest of 
the healing still to be done...

Peace & Love


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