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What Are You Manifesting?

Every now and then I break away from book reviews to just talk. This is one of those moments. When I reflect on life and my thoughts, I realize I’ve manifested almost every single moment of my life intentionally. Lately there is an abundance in the air that I’m excited to be apart of. It’s interesting that we seldom think about what we are thinking about to control our thoughts.

We are often taught that we are what we think, speak and eat but only a few actually get this. When we program ourselves by watching television, we often desire the things we see or wish our lives could be like the characters. Other times, the characters can inspire us into action or to pursue our calling. I have my favorites that I follow on social media and listen to. It’s inspiring for me to connect with other people that are just as passionate about life as I am. As my circle expands, so does my thought process.

When I thought  was lonely, that’s exactly how I felt. When I thought I was sad, I felt sadness. Do you see how your thoughts control how you feel and your outlook on life? This is your journey to create what you want to experience. While sometimes our manifestations and thoughts happen right away, others come with time. You reading this, is something you needed to see for a certain phase you are in, in your life. Most of what I read these days applies directly to an area I am working on or focusing on in my life. (this may not happen for every individual person, we are all in different phases of life). Nothing happens by coincidence or chance. We are all connected and sometimes our best reflections of things we need to work on or have the courage to deal with come through the message of other people.

I don’t claim to be a messenger or teacher. I am just me. One person on this journey to learning more about my purpose and pursuing things that make me happy through intentional manifestation. Be intentional in your thoughts and everything else will follow suit. Think before you speak and show love. My personal journey so far in manifesting, has come in the form of love.

Until next time,

Peace & Love


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