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There is power in vulnerability. It started out as any other day. My emotions were in check. My best game face was on and I smiled. I gave everyone the best smile I could while controlling every thought and emotion as best I could or do I thought. I was told, “I was emotional, too much into my feelings.” I’ve been told this several times. At first I’d been offended. A few times after, I was still offended. What I didn’t know then was that everything was preparing me for where I am today.

Vulnerability is power. It’s also okay. It helps in the phase of transformation. It helps in aligning with emotions and ones purpose. It helps to uncover hidden pain and even buried experiences that may or may not have happened to you, myself included.

I started uncovering my own truths. During the first year I claimed that I was a victim and walked around with the victim mentality to an extent. I gained a new perspective along the way that my experiences didn’t make me a victim. Bad things happened and that’s when I began my journey to realize that being open and vulnerable didn’t make me weak. It didn’t make me any less of a woman because I wanted to find freedom in expressing my emotions. I dislike the quote, “in your feelings,” because it puts out this concept that emotions are wrong. We should allow ourselves the experience to acknowledge our emotions and heal from them. So forget about those who say expressing your emotions make you weak or your vulnerability is repulsive to them. Just because they don’t want to acknowledge theirs, doesn’t mean you should have to hide yours. Your vulnerability can be your power. You will experience the real you, behind the masks that you put up for other people. Just be you, love you and accept you. This is your journey, you’re not meant to live it as if you’re living it for everyone else.

Peace & Love


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