Drama, Romance

A Song for Josh Book Review

Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in to another weekly book review. I have the pleasure of being sent a book that is part of a series. A Song for Josh was written by Susan Rodgers. It is an interesting drama/romance novel.

The opening of the story reveals the main character Jessie and gives us insight to who she is. The novel ha a bit of flashbacks throughout the beginning chapters that reveal Jessie’s actions that have led her to where she is. The main point is that had she not run away from home as a teenager, her life would be different. Coming from a background of abuse, Jessie propels herself forward in her dreams and the things that she desires. It was heartwarming to see the character stick to the thing that made her feel close to her dad. Music is a way to heal and the author was able to capture this and bring it to life for her readers.

There are other characters in the novel but none of them stood out to me as much as Jessie did. Josh and Charlie, the love interests both have their own share of issues to deal with.

Essentially the book tugs on your heart strings and can be emotional at points. That’s the joy in writing, after all being able to get readers to see what the characters see but also feel what they feel or be able to relate to the character. Ms. Rodgers did a great job in capturing these elements.

On the writing itself, the story is third person. Ms. Rodgers weaves flashbacks in and out of the story while showing the reader why the main character feels the way she does and handles situations throughout the novel. There is a mix of showing and telling the reader what is going on. The writer applied some real life events that readers can relate to or may know of someone who has struggled with abuse and rose above it. The book is about 304 pages long in paperback.

Overall, the book was good. 

Peace & Love


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