Self Love= Being Your Authentic Self

So thanks for joining on another self care Saturday. This week is semi a continuance from last week. In the choice of compromising and being someone other than your true self for others, don’t choose them. I chose me again this week and it was a struggle a bit and words were said or written that had to be done. I can’t be me hiding behind old beliefs or the concept that someone else expects me to be another way. I can choose to be my authentic self and shine whether they accept me or not. Be yourself. Those who are meant to be in your life will be. The universe gave me two choices this week. I chose not to compromise. It was a lesson I failed many years ago but I’m happier now and in a much better place. This is my continued journey. If you have questions, leave them below.

Peace & Love


Updated to add: this will continue at another date. There were issues getting the video to upload properly.

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