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From the Desk of 20 Yr Old Me 1

As promised on Twitter. I will be featuring a few poems from my first poetry book published. These versions will be edited but keeping the same content overall. Before we begin, I’m so grateful for growth and the ability to love myself. Yikes…. (lol)

Damaged Heart

Day by day he repairs a damaged heart,
Mending together the puzzles of a broken soul,
Both shattered into pieces by things done and said,
By actions and words unheard of,
Hopefully he won’t hurt my like those of my past,
Then history would repeat itself,
I’d be mad because I let my heart out of its cage of cold,
Now heat my soul would pour,
Of tears of sorrow, pain and scorn.

Day by day he repairs a damaged heart,
Wasn’t sure at first but now I know he cares,
Every time I turn around on my face there lies a smile,
Even when the rain was pouring he was there to hold me through,
Making the sun shine although it was dark around,
Waiting all night and letting the music be a soft and gentle sound,
While teaching me again what it felt to be cared about,
Causing me to dream of him throughout the night,
Mending a damaged heart and holding me tight,
Works just fine, I think now I’ll be alright…

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll go through the book and see what other pieces can be uploaded. Many will be re-released in a full length collection. Stay tuned for more.

Peace & Love


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