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A Poem A Day- Her

I was going to publish an old piece for today but opted for this piece instead. It’s a piece from my upcoming poetry book.

Her smile reminds me of rainbows,
The subtle reminder that life is always going,
It's refreshing as the rain clears,
We remember promises,
Like little kids,
She reminds me of cutting through the fields of my neighbors backyard,
Running from my fears of dogs,
In the same sense I ran from her,
Ran from what we could've been,
Allowing the thoughts of others to kick in,
I hide the attraction beneath the surface,
I'm grateful for growth,
Grateful for inner healing and peace,
Grateful to recognize the best version of me,
Grateful for her,
She is a breathe of fresh air,
Both not giving a damn, not care,
Because loving self has become a vital foundation,
Of going into the world and minimizing our own frustration,
Poetry speaks the volume of love,
I'd choose to share my love,
With her,
My love inside would mirror the expression I'd choose to share with her,
Her smile reminds me of rainbows,
Reminding me of who I am,
The promises within,
She's a mirror worth looking into.

Peace & Love


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