My Poetry

Day 4 Poetry Challenge: I Am

I am not defined by the limited noise of judgement,
I am free to be,
Inspired by me,
The strength to come out of hiding,
What I once viewed as taboo because of religion,
My warm embrace of heaven on Earth,
She reigns in the retrospectives of clouded judgement,
It falls away at the waist side,
My pride,
Vanished in the shadow of her midst,
What I would do to seal a kiss upon her lips,
I am free,
No longer bounding myself in judgement,
Hell on Earth in the eternal damnation of the mind,
Our minds is where the fear resides,
Only when we allow it to,
I am free from fear,
Conquering each step that I take to push through,
Success is just on the other side,
I know what I see in my mind and what I hold,
I am here!
I am not limited by the noise,
I seek,
I speak,
My internal organs move the drum beats,
The heart makes when it wants me to move,
My heart feeds the mind,
It's fearless this time,
My tribe keeps me accountable,
I love them so,
Much I can barely breathe sometimes with all the 
love pouring out,
I often wonder if they feel the love coming 
from my fingers as I write these poems about them,
I see extensions of myself in everyone of them,
Parts of me aspiring to greater and the other parts are working,
On being less judgemental,
So my heart has flipped the script on my ego,
"What do you think about yourself?" it says.
Or "what you are thinking about them applies to you, how?"
And I have to let the thoughts go that no longer serve me,
If I have these thoughts about them,
How is it affecting me?
What does it say about me?
I am working internally and externally and I've come a long way,
I am growing,
I am not defined by the lines,
By barricades that other see in their reality,
I see freedom and peace everywhere,
I see love when I dream of my fingers running through her hair,
I see myself happy,
I see the best version of me and everyday it grows,
I am growing,
I am the darkness,
I am the light,
I am one,
I am my own yin and yang,
I am my own lover,
I am divine within,
I am peace,
I am the storm when I am off balance,
and 666 reminds me to come back,
I am the Sun and the Moon,
I am the black hole that the light peeks through,
I am fearless,
I am me,
I am everything that I say that I am,
I am not limited,
I see unlimited abundance everywhere,
I see unlimited love everywhere,
I am blessed,
I am love,
I am love,
I am me! 


Thank you all for joining me for another poem.

Peace & Love


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