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There Is No End

I like dreams. It’s very interesting when you sit and think about what comes out of them. This is today’s poem. Thanks for tuning in.

The ocean floor opened,I could breathe,Walking through the light as is transitioned from darkness and back to light again,Both merging into a endless sea,Creating endless streams,The fears starved,Every word displayed in cosmic bubbles,All merged into one creation to gaze upon,There was no separation,No heaven or hell,
They were all creations, created by us,Our illusions in which we trust,To reveal our best judgment,I cut cords with,So many versions of me that no longer served my purpose,The purpose of pulling back from fictional TV, and the news,I was told to stay in the matrix,No one can play by their own rules,I disagreed,I watched my mind comprehend what my heart was trying to speak,The heart is where love streams from,No wars, no distant illusions of poverty and sickness,What I had been witnessing,Vanished without a trace,Some utopia,No one fallen from grace,No casting stones to those without sin,We connected at the water,The heart of the planet,No distractions, just peace,Freely flowing,Giving and receiving,Balanced,Perfect alignment,Some would call it heaven,But heaven exist where happiness and joy resides,The choice to see it, the choice to survive,Beyond the walls of limitations,Embracing the ocean floor,The endless stream of love, creativity and life,
Endless beings,Though the flesh may die,The soul is eternal,We come back many times,Not for punishment but to constantly evolve,To the point where we can see that everything is god,But then again,It was all a dream just like the Phoenix soaring in the sky,
The endless ocean,The significance to life,The is no end,This isn’t just one life.

Peace & Love



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